MAP Celebrates 5th Anniversary with the End of Year Celebration

Laura Bragg, Program Coordinator, Mentor Advocate Partnership, OME

The Mentor Advocate Partnership program, or MAP, celebrated its 5th year anniversary with the End of Year Celebration on May 9th at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge. MAP, coordinated by the Office of Minority Education, is a volunteer mentoring program seeking to foster the holistic development of students along academic and non-academic dimensions. It is a fun way to give back and reconnect to the MIT community, offering experience and support to incoming freshmen and sophomores.

The End of Year event brought together MAP mentors and protégés, as well as Institute-wide program advocates, for a celebratory dinner interspersed with personal testimonies and awards that honored the relationships facilitated by this program. Julie Norman, Director of the UAAP, shared a moving personal testament to the power of her own mentor/protégé relationships over the 5 years she has served as a Mentor. Several protégés including rising junior Devin Cornish, and Khalea Robinson ‘11 (via letter) offered their own insights into how their mentors have supported and inspired them at the Institute and beyond.

Debroah Hodges-Pabon and Sandy Tenorio (center left and right, respectively) receive the “Tungsten” Longevity Award from long time MAP mentors Bonny Kellermann, left, and Sekazi Mtingwa, right.

Harry Sanabria, left, and Professor John Belcher, right, are honored with the “Ionic Bond” award.

Awards acknowledging outstanding participation in the program were given to mentors and protégés alike. Some highlights included:

  • Beatriz Valdez, DUE Admissions Counselor, who received the “Eager Beaver” Rookie Mentor of the Year Award for her energy, resourcefulness, guidance, and inspiration as a first year mentor.
  • Alyce Johnson, HR Manager of Staff Diversity and Inclusion, was awarded the “Road MAP” Mentor of the Year award for her guidance, direction, and embodiment of the true spirit of mentoring.
  • Physics Professor John Belcher and his protégé, rising sophomore Harry Sanabria, were awarded the “Ionic Bond” award for their virtual inseparability and "natural chemistry” throughout the year.

Other Mentors acknowledged for their outstanding program participation were Kathy Cooksey, Lisa Coviello, Bonny Kellermann, Sandy Tenorio, and Hakim Walker, each receiving the “Titanium” Mentor Award for their durability, reliability and dependability. Sharon Bridburg, Kirsten Derrickson, Debroah Hodges-Pabon, Sandy Tenorio, and Tobie Weiner were awarded the “Tungsten” Longevity Award for their tireless service in the MAP program for at least four (4) years.

Among those in attendance, were current mentor and Director of the OME Dean DiOnetta Jones, who offered words of welcome and reflection, as well as, Dean of Undergraduate Education, Dan Hastings, a future mentor. Ed Bertschinger, Head of the Physics Department and current mentor was also in attendance.

2012 MAP Mentors

For more information about the MAP program, please visit the MAP website or contact Laura Bragg in the Office of Minority Education,, or by phone 617.253.9666.