International Development Night Showcases Technologies

Laura Sampath, Manager, International Development Initiatives

On Saturday, April 14 the International Development Initiative, in collaboration with the MIT Technology and Culture Forum, co-hosted the 7th Annual International Development Night at the MIT Museum. Showcasing fifteen of the most exciting technologies applicable in developing countries, the evening brought an audience of over 300 students, faculty and staff from the area, as well as participants of the annual Harvard International Development conference.

Some of the student teams featured include:

PEN logoPractical Energy Network (Anna Waldman Brown, ’11; Maddie Hickman,’11; Ned Burnell, ’14; Heather Beem, G), is a global community that empowers students to become creative engineers by teaching them to design and build their own solutions to local energy needs


Essmart (Diana Jue, G; Tyler Matthews, G) gives Indian rural retail shops access to technologies that improve their customers’ lives.

Takachar (Kevin Kung, G; Jacob Young, 12) addresses the issues of waste management, income generation and cooking fuel supply in Kenya by creating local enterprises and turn household waste in to charcoal.

A full list of the projects presented is on the IDI website.

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