An Innovative Space Needs an Innovative Name

Camilla M. Brinkman, Communications Administrator | Office of Experiential Learning

In the past year, 275 Massachusetts Avenue (formerly known as N51 and N52) has undergone a dramatic revitalization. What was once the home of General Radio – a company founded in 1915 that made tools and instruments for the electronics industry and even partnered with Harold “Doc” Edgerton on the Strobotac® – is now a hotbed of design, invention and fabrication activity.

N51 and N52 at 275 Mass Ave.

Who calls this space home? The list is impressive:

By co-locating these groups under one roof, there is now the opportunity for multiple collaborations, for formal and informal interaction among the community. Whether it is sharing sophisticated fabrication tools, sharing knowledge about how to build a lithium-ion battery pack, or sharing stories about developing world technical challenges, for instance, the spirit of innovation and creativity that existed in the building long ago continues today.

The last stage of the revitalization…a new name. What would you call it?

Ideas can be submitted to Camilla Brinkman at The lucky winner will win a $50 Amazon gift certificate and the opportunity to say, “I named that building”!