The Future of Learning Management at MIT

Published in Nov/Dec 2011 Faculty Newsletter - By Daniel Hastings and Hal Abelson

In 2009, the MIT Council on Educational Technology (MITCET) charged the Faculty Committee on Learning Management Systems (LMS) to provide strategic guidance on the future of LMS at MIT. MIT needs a more robust LMS with the flexibility and features necessary to support the evolving pedagogical and technological innovations in the classroom. The Committee, chaired by Eric Klopfer, collaborated with Information Services and Technology (IS&T) to gather community requirements, evaluate alternatives, and ultimately recommended the evaluation of the Blackboard Learning Management System as a possible alternative to the current Stellar platform.

Results of the Blackboard Evaluation

In spring 2011, IS&T conducted a limited evaluation of Blackboard 9.1...

Based on the consistently negative results of both the technical assessment and user testing, the Committee on LMS made a recommendation to MITCET to halt further experimentation with the Blackboard platform. The Committee also recommended a shift to the Modular Service Framework as the foundation for learning management at MIT. MITCET supported both recommendations...

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