Education, empowerment and enlightenment through guided disassembly of your broken stuff

Published in MIT Campus News on Feb 7, 2012 - By Camilla Brinkman

There’s a lot of broken stuff in the world. A lot of it ends up in landfills prematurely. What’s more, most of us can’t imagine opening up and inspecting a complicated electronic device, much less fixing it.

But that was not the case during an Independent Activities Period Saturday in January when about 40 people — grandfathers, granddaughters, parents, children, MIT students, staff, alumni and more — arrived at the Fixit Clinic held at the MIT Edgerton Center. Armed with their no-longer-working stuff — a circa 1989 Sony amplifier with a broken volume knob, a first generation iPod, a white electric fan, a toy fire engine, and a Revox CD player found at the Wellesley town dump — participants got straight to work

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