Edgerton Center’s Solar Electric Vehicle Team and Stephen Banzaert Featured on The Chronicle in “MPG OMG”

Camilla Brinkman, Communications Administrator, Office of Experiential Learning


“The way is clear, the future bright for solar vehicles”

On a Friday morning in May, WCVB (Channel 5) producer Clinton Conley and cameraman Bob Oliver came to N51 (the Edgerton Center space for clubs and teams) to film the Solar Electric Vehicle Team (SEVT). An interview with SEVT team member Julia Hsu ’14 and Edgerton Center Clubs and Teams Manager Stephen Banzaert aired June 14 on The Chronicle entitled “MPG OMG.” There is also footage of the Chopper del Sol racing in Australia as well as the team at work.

Julia Hsu of SEVT

Watch final segment “Looking to the future” featuring Edgerton’s SEVT

SEVT is now preparing for the American Solar Challenge. The race, beginning on July 14th, starts in Rochester, New York and ends in St. Paul, Minnesota. The team will cover eight states in eight (hopefully sun-filled) days.

More on The Chronicle’s “MPG OMG”:
The half-hour show also featured individuals in New England whose focus on extending the life and miles on their car – one driver ‘s odometer passed the million-mile mark– was notable bordering on extreme. One driver filled his car with propane, one driver habitually coasted downhill with the engine off and another had duck taped aerodynamic enhancements onto the body of his car to increase gas mileage. These segments can be seen here: