DUE Highlights of IAP 2012

Dan Chapman, Staff Associate, New Student, Leadership and Mentorship, UAAP

The diverse offices and programs in DUE were busy this IAP creating, presenting, and delivering a wide variety of programs to the MIT community.

  • The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP) offered a very large variety of programs with themes ranging from leadership to the healing power of music, as well as international UROP and self-reflection. Sessions about becoming an orientation leader, making alumni connections and what to expect in your sophomore year at MIT rounded out the offerings.

  • The Momentum program, offered by the OME and lead by Wesley Harris and Rhonda Jordan, offered students an interdisciplinary perspective on solving some of the world’s biggest challenges to date.

  • The first ever IAP MIT Community Service Day was lead by Amy Fan and Kristi Kebinger from the Public Service Center. Other PSC activities were recommendation writing advice, how to start a start up, and designing for a global impact. Additional sessions covered service opportunities, and careers in non-profits.

  • Introduction to the Air Force and Military Leadership, taught by Captain Danny Hugh of the U.S. Air Force, gave students and staff the chance to learn more about the Air Force and the U.S. military through short lectures, open discussions, and group activities like visits to local Air Force Facilities.

  • Global Education and Career Development (GECD) offered programs on business etiquette, alternative careers, business info sessions, consulting talks, and networking workshops. Other activities included mock interviews, and talks about Study abroad opportunities.

  • In the Edgerton Center. Edward Moriarty and Peter Mui lead a Fixit Clinic where students brought broken items to fix and upgrade with friends.

  • The Admissions Office held a Wiki Party and Class of 2016 EA Telethon.

  • The Office of Educational Innovation and Technology (OEIT) offered sessions about using WordPress, MATLAB, Photoshop, and Xbox 360 development.

  • Training about the new online registration system was provided by the Registrar’s Office.

  • The Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) offered a variety of teaching support sessions including a panel of MITs best teachers talking about how they teach and workshops for students on writing from research, developing ideas, improving speaking skills, and effective communication.