DUE Core Values and the Completion of the Strategic Planning Review

Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

Over the past few months many of you provided thoughtful input on DUE's values. Through local discussions in your offices, as well as an IAP session for all staff, you shared ideas, examples, considerations and specific wording you believe should be part of the DUE core values statement. These discussions led to a process of identifying recurring themes, prioritizing and, finally, writing a proposed statement that was shared and refined at the January Leadership Team retreat. 

The result is  five core values that form the foundation on which we strive for excellence in realizing our vision and fulfilling our mission. They are reflected in our culture, aspirations and service and underlie our decisions and interactions.

DUE Core Values

  • Educational Excellence: We are driven to go the extra mile to enable education at MIT through collaborative effort and individual creativity. Guided by self-awareness and the confidence that each of us contributes to DUE’s mission, we are inspired to excel.

  • Integrity: We create an environment of trust and fairness through honest, responsible action that reflects care for the individual and the common good. We practice ethical decision-making and take responsibility for our choices.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: We create an inclusive community that values, respects and engages diverse perspectives and talent and encourages all members of our community to thrive, develop and contribute to their full potential.

  • Visionary: We look forward with pragmatism and courage, balancing a focus on the present with strategic imagination and boldness about the future.

  • Student-centered: We guide, support and empower all our students to achieve their full intellectual potential, develop a well-grounded, confident sense of self and act on their ability to contribute to the world.

Defining our core values was the final step in the strategic planning review we launched in January 2011. I thank you all for your participation in this process during the past year. Your input on our environmental scan, key strategic questions, and core values was invaluable. Your thoughtful responses helped shape DUE’s strategic direction and will guide our efforts as we strive to provide our students with an excellent educational experience.

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