Young Alumni Among Funders for Summer Study Abroad

Scott Murray, Program Assistant, GECD: Global Education

Though many students consider going abroad during the summer, they are often deterred by the cost. This year, GECD: Global Education was able to offer new funding options for summer study abroad, resulting in a flurry of interest from students.

Global Education was able to offer 12 students funding at a total of almost $50,000. Funding determinations were made based on a combination of financial need and the strength of the students’ applications. Application materials included an essay in which students explained the benefit they see their selected program having on their course of study and career goals. The funding, which comes from a few different sources, will be applied to tuition, housing, and possibly other related costs such as travel expenses.

Some of the funding comes from former MIT students. The class of 2007 has established a fund to support international study. Despite graduating only 4 years ago, the impact these alumni will have on future generations of MIT students has already begun.

Additional funding comes from a very generous donation by the Victor and William Fung Foundation, which is established by Dr Victor Fung (Class of 1966), Group Chairman, and Dr William Fung, Group Managing Director, of the Li & Fung Group. The Foundation is based in Hong Kong and aims to promote leadership development principally through student exchange programs.

For more information on summer study abroad funding, please email