What Did MIT Undergrads Students Do This Summer?

Ellen Stahl, Career Development Specialist, GECD: Career Services

On August 17th MIT Global Education & Career Development (GECD) will launch the 2011 Student Summer Experience Survey. This survey gathers information and data on what sophomores, juniors, and seniors did during the summer months before returning to campus.

We ask that you encourage any of your students to take this survey. Student will receive an email with the survey link on the 17th. Results will be compiled and a full report will be available on the GECD website by January 2012 - click here to view last year’s survey results (PDF).

The purpose of the Summer Experience Survey is to gather and provide information that can be used by students to enhance their knowledge with regards to identifying companies and laboratories who offer summer opportunities, information on salary ranges, length of most positions, locations, as well as serving as a tool for GECD to improve internship and research services and resources, and assist employers in developing and providing these valuable opportunities.