What are MIT Students Doing after Graduation?

Global Education and Career Development: MIT Scholarships and Fellowships

MIT GraudatesEach year, Global Education and Career Development (GECD) collaborates with Institutional Research to survey all graduating students regarding their plans upon graduation. Known as the Graduating Student Survey, graduates are asked to share information on employment locations and salaries, graduate school pursuits as well as career related services and experiences at MIT.

We have just launched this year’s survey and have already received a response from 38% of the graduating class. Please feel free to refer students to http://s1.mitsurveys.net/cd/ until mid August.

The results of the survey inform the work of GECD and are available to offices throughout the Institute who want to view the trends as well as the details related to the type of the industries, employers, and universities that attract our students.

View Graduate Student Survey results from 2002-2010

Here are some highlights from the 2010 survey results for baccalaureate and master’s degree graduates:

  • Nearly half of baccalaureate and 75 percent of master’s graduates planned to enter the workforce immediately following graduation. Forty percent of baccalaureate and 15 percent of master’s graduates planned to attend graduate or professional school. This represents a significant increase in graduates entering the workforce with an accompanying decline in immediate graduate school attendance.
  • At the time of graduation, 76.6 percent of graduating seniors and 71.5 percent of master’s graduates had accepted employment.
  • Eighty percent of undergraduates and 89 percent of Master’s students indicated that their position was related to their academic major, significantly higher than the Class of 2009. The top industries for graduates were consulting, computer software and finance, continuing in the same order from last year.
  • The average salary for undergraduates was $64,523, a 4.1 percent decrease from the $67,270 average for 2009 graduates. Nearly all other degree levels saw an increase over the prior year.