What’s next for engineering education?

Published in MIT News: Oct 21, 2011

As a MacVicar Faculty Fellow, Ian Waitz is among a select group of faculty who have been honored for exemplary and sustained contributions to the teaching and education of undergraduates at MIT. Earlier this year, Waitz became dean of the School of Engineering, which comprises more than a third of the Institute’s faculty and nearly half its students. Waitz brings the same energy for education to the Institute's largest school, and, he hopes, to the world beyond MIT.


Waitz says he is concerned with the increasing breadth of engineering as it applies to addressing the world’s grand challenges in environment, energy, health care, information, poverty alleviation and other areas. That breadth is apparent across many dimensions — time zones, cultures, length-scales, disciplines within engineering and even those not traditionally considered to be part of engineering. "Increasingly, these challenges will be solved by engineers working collaboratively with others," Waitz says.

He is also interested in understanding how best to employ information technology in education...

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