The Vision Thing

Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

At one point during his presidency, the first President Bush memorably said that he was thinking about the "vision thing" (in response to a question about his vision for America). A clear and compelling vision is important in that it reflects a highly desirable future state to which we aspire.

In the recent DUE leadership team one-day offsite, we spent some time considering a revised DUE vision. Each member of the leadership team gave an example of an effective vision statement from an organization he/she admired; this included Ben and Jerry's, Amazon, Stanford University, Lockheed Martin, the Peace Corps, Google, and more. We then brainstormed around the key elements that should be part of the DUE vision.  In the early fall, as we bring all these thoughts together into a new DUE vision statement, we will ask DUE staff for feedback to ensure the final result is a compelling and visionary statement that will take us forward for the next several years.