Time to Review Our Strategic Directions

By Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

In DUE, we have an ongoing set of critically important responsibilities. These are essential to the functioning of MIT and we do those things well. We are proud of what we do and this is a credit to all of us. We also have a set of strategic directions which we established in 2006. These have served us well and given us focus in helping MIT move forward.

However many things have changed since 2006 in addition to the passage of time. External to us, the Hockfield administration now has a well defined set of directions. In addition, there have been significant changes in the external educational environment in the country. In our local environment, we have taken in several new units who did not participate in the 2006 exercise and have stronger partnerships with DSL, ODGE and IS&T. All three of these partnership organizations have new leaders since 2006. Finally, we will have a new Chancellor soon. All of these factors suggest to me that it is time for us to assess the status of the six strategic themes set in 2006 and reflect upon our future strategic directions. After a strategic plan has been in place for five years, it is always good to ask which directions to retire, if any, which to renew and what new directions we should consider.

At the Leadership team retreat in January, we began to review and discuss our broad based directions ( not our critical responsibilities) and to consider other opportunities we may want to explore in greater depth this spring. As we do this, we will be involving the DUE staff since I value your opinions. These directions and ideas will be the basis of a document that conveys to the new Chancellor what we see as necessary directions for DUE over the next few years. Please feel free to be in touch with me or Elizabeth Reed if you have thoughts you want to share.