Play "MIT: The Game" on Facebook

Excerpt from Chris Peterson's Blog:

MIT The Game image from appMIT Admissions recently introduced a Facebook game: MIT: The Game...the details from this excerpt of Chris Peterson's March 1st Admissions blog entry:

MIT: The Game is a revolutionary breakthrough in admissions technology. Designed and built by current MIT freshman Victor Hung '14 , with music by admissions staff, it allows students to experience all the best parts of an MIT education (burritos, roller coasters, and such) from the comfort of their own homes.

The game was conceived almost a year ago, when Admissions held a mini- GameJam during the 2010 IAP. We more or less locked a half-dozen current students in a room with a bunch of pizza and soda for 48 and let them come up with a bunch of ideas for levels and build very simple versions of them.

Since last fall Victor Hung '14 has been collecting slivers of time that drop between the cracks in his schedule and has built out these concepts and ideas into a full Facebook game. With MIT: The Game, you will be able to participate in all the most important aspects of an MIT education, including:

  • Building all the burritos you can eat at the campus taqueria
  • Navigating the flood of fellow students down the Infinite Corridor
  • Riding the East Campus Roller Coaster
  • Finding your way through the labyrinthine tunnels
  • Getting your (virtual) MIT diploma