Orientation 2011 - Techcraft and Hackery

By Jennifer Earls, Graduate Intern, UAAP and Career Assistant, GECD

Seventy-five Orientation Leaders welcomed 1,129 new students, the largest incoming class to date, to MIT on Saturday, August 27th. With the theme of Techcraft and Hackery, a parody on the popular Harry Potter film series, Orientation 2011 was filled with exciting events like a magical kick-off, show produced by Orientation Coordinators Jesse Triplett and Shelly Jin, and the Tri-Wizard Challenge, which involved a campus scavenger hunt to help students orient themselves to their new home.Students became educated as well on healthy behaviors and campus resources through programs such as Tech Theater, Sex Signals, and Diversity, which addressed important issues like alcohol use, sexual violence, and respecting differences.

Most important, students prepared to begin their academic careers at the Institute, being addressed by Faculty Keynote speaker, Professor Maria Zuber of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, and having the opportunity to speak with department representatives during the Academic Expo. Students also learned about general institute requirements from a panel of faculty and staff during the Core Blitz program, and from meeting with their advisors at a follow-up luncheon.

The Class of 2015 concluded Orientation on Friday, September 3rd by engaging in the City Days service projects, exploring MIT health and wellness services and local business offerings at the Community Fair, and traveling to the New England Aquarium to celebrate their transition to MIT. Despite challenges like Hurricane Irene, Orientation 2011 was a great success thanks to the hard work and dedication of the strong network of faculty, staff, and student leaders at MIT.

[Editors Note: In designing the materials for Orientation, Tim the Beaver entered the world of Harry Potter. As a huge Harry Potter fan, I could not resist sharing these creative and fun images drawn by Anisha Deshmane '11.]

Images of Tim the Beaver as Harry Potter