OEIT Star Program Receives NSF Funding for New Visualization Tool

Published in: Ed Tech Times Blog on August 23, 2011

OEIT's Star development team and the MIT Biology Department have recently received an NSF grant to fund the creation of a visualization tool for enriching the teaching and learning of cell and molecular biology concepts. Following a design model succesfully employed in other Star simulation software, the interactive inquiry-based simulator, StarCellBio, will enable students to conduct virtual experiments, analyze data and perform follow-up experiments. The visualizer will use both real biological data (such as microscopy data) and simulated data...

Intended for both MIT undergraduate and graduate study (and possibly highschool use), StarCellBio will be freely available via the internet, where both the tool and curricular materials will be accessible. StarCellBio is also supported by generous funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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