OEIT to Host New Media Consortium's Summer Conference

Molly Ruggles, Senior Educational Technology Consultant, OEIT

OEIT has been invited to host the New Media Consortium's Summer Conference in June 2012. A vibrant, eclectic, and forward-thinking event, NMC 2012 will offer educators and technologists the opportunity to engage in deep interactions with emerging media as it is used in education. The conference will be comprised of a rich blend of demonstrations, panels, hands-on activities, and Q&A sessions with thought leaders.

In addition to it's yearly summer conference, the New Media Consortium is also the highly respected publisher of the Horizon Report, one of the most widely read sources for future planning in technology in higher education. NMC also sponsors initiatives in the arts, museum curatorship, and social networking. OEIT Director Vijay Kumar was recently nominated to the NMC board. Stay tuned for more details as the NMC 2012 conference takes shape over the coming months.