A New Vision

Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

Over the course of a number of discussions and with input from staff at points in the process, the DUE Leadership Team created a new shared vision for DUE which we finalized in mid-November. It states the following:

Serving at the nexus of MIT, we enrich the educational experience and ensure enduring value that transforms the future.

  • Serving at the nexus: We build strategic connections with students, faculty and administrators, and create synergies to integrate undergraduate learning and life at a research university.

  • Enrich the educational experience: We enhance the quality of the educational experience for both undergraduate and graduate students by providing mission-critical functions for the Institute, creating new services and capabilities, defining new ways to think about education and providing and maintaining infrastructure that enables education at MIT. We contribute to significant efforts nationally and internationally that improve higher education.

  • Ensure enduring value: We are instrumental in developing graduates who are visionary thinkers, responsible risk takers and leaders in building a better world.

Visions are meant to be aspirational. This is a good strong vision that lays out some great foci for DUE into the future.