New Faces in DUE June - July 2011


Several new staff joined DUE between May 26 through July 27


Aerospace Studies

Daniel Darlington, Technical Instructor
Danny Hugh, Technical Instructor

Educational Innovation and Technology

Kristina Shapton, OEIT Consultant

Global Education & Career Development

Joshua Nupp, Assistant Dean, Global Education
Pamela Piliero, Assistant Director, Employer Relations

Naval Science

Craig Giorgis, Technical Instructor

Student Financial Services

Susan Sullivan, Sr., Associate Director
Anna Wetterhorn, Student Financial Services Rep

Teaching and Learning Laboratory

Colin Fredericks, Postdoctoral Associate

The Edgerton Center

Eric Reynolds, Technical Instructor

The Edgerton Center: D-Lab

Elisha Clark, Administrative Assistant I
Harald Quintus-Bosz,  Instructor
Kofi Taha, Associate Director