New Faces in DUE August - September 2011


Several new staff joined DUE between July 28 and September 29, 2011



Jonathan Stowers, Office Assistant
Beatriz Valdez, Admissions Counselor
Tiffany Velez, Administrative Assistant


Steven Lenzner, Instructor
Adam Schulman, Instructor
Robert Winters, Instructor

Global Education & Career Development

Jennifer Earls, Career Assistant
Alyssa Kavanagh, Coordinator
Lauren Makucin, Career Assistant
David Nguyen, Career Assistant
Rieko Ouchi, Intern
Kathryn Somers, Career Assistant
Meredith Tumulty, Intern

Military Science

Iris Gonzalez, Instructor

Naval Science

Matthew Minch, Instructor

Office of Minority Education

Sebastian Velez, Assistant Dean

Student Financial Services

Michael Albano, Associate Director, SFS
Nicole Darvirris, Counselor, SFS
David O'Brien, Sr. Associate Director, SFS
Andrea Vojtisek, Counselor, SFS
Emma Wilcox, Assistant Director, SFS

The Edgerton Center - D-Lab

Saida Benhayoune, Project Development Manager
Derek Brine, Project Manager
Jessica Huang, Instructor
Kendra Leith, Project Coordinator

The Edgerton Center

Camilla Brinkman, Communications Administrator
Bina Young-Bin Choi, Administrative Assistant
Juliet Perdichizzi, Administrative Assistant