MIT Subject Evaluations Now Online

Published in MIT Faculty Newsletter May/June 2011 - By Diana Henderson

As of fall 2010, MIT’s subject evaluation system went entirely online and a new “Who’s Teaching What” (WTW) Web-based application is now being used to improve the quality of teaching data and the ease with which it is collected.

The applications were developed by a team from the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education (DUE) and from Information Services and Technology (IS&T) in a four-year project which is being completed this spring. The Office of Faculty Support within DUE administers the new systems. As part of Digital MIT, nearly 40,000 paper forms have been eliminated each term.


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Fall 2010 End-of-term Evaluations by the Numbers
744 Subjects flagged for evaluation in Fall 2010 end-of-term evaluations
32 Departments participating
1331 Individual instructors who were flagged for evaluation
62% Average response rate per subject
5.8 Average overall rating of subject (on a scale of 1-7)
5.9 Average overall rating of instructor (on a scale of 1-7)
427 Additional questions added to surveys by departments and instructors
4 Types of questions that were added (rating scale,open-ended, numeric, multiple-choice)