MAP Ends Year with Celebration

Office of Minority Education

The 2010-11 academic year has whisked by, but not without the Mentor Advocate Partnership (MAP) program making significant strides. From a new matching process and inaugural kick-off event to a new motto, MAP’s End of Year Celebration was an opportunity for all protégés as well as current and future mentors to enjoy.

Mentor of the Year awarded to Sandy Tenorio

The celebration took place on May 4th in the new Media Lab overlooking the Charles River and Boston skyline. With a room draped in cardinal and gray, authentic Mexican cuisine, and special guests from across the Institute it was an all around special evening. OME Faculty Advisory Committee members, Global Education and Career Development staff, and the Dean for Undergraduate Education, Dan Hastings, were in attendance to support MAP’s final event of the year.

The keynote address was given by Dr. Diola Bagoyoko, Distinguished Professor of Physics in the Southern University System, LA and Director of the U.S. Presidential Award for Excellence winning Timbuktu Academy, who emphasized that mentoring should become a “systemic” behavior in higher education and “woven into our core functions.”

The awards portion of the celebration recognized mentors and protégés for various achievements throughout the year. “Titanium” Mentors and Protégés were recognized for their "durability" and “dependability” regarding their overall participation in MAP activities. The mentors recognized were Kelley Connors, Jennifer DiMase, Bonny Kellerman, Tamara Menghi and Ingrid Vargas, while protégés Melanie Adams, Carrine Johnson, Benjamin Shaibu and Antuan Weeks were acknowledged for their resiliency as well.

While MAP has many talented students and future scholars, two students in particular, Carrine Johnson and Sara Comis were acknowledged as “Golden” and “Diamond” Award winners. They were recognized as outstanding freshman and sophomore protégé of the year, respectively.

Roberta Pittore from the Sloan School of Management won the “Eager Beaver” Rookie Mentor of the Year Award, which was given to this outstanding 1st-year mentor for her energy, resourcefulness, guidance, and inspiration. The Mentor of the Year Award, entitled “Road-MAP” alluding to “guidance,” “direction,” and inspiration, was presented to Sandy Tenorio who was described by her protégés as “a connector” and “the closest thing I have to family here at MIT.”

This year’s “Ionic Bond” went to protégé Elise Myers and mentor Amy Shea for their undeniable chemistry; while Bonny Kellerman, Sekazi Mtingwa and Julie Norman (pictured below) were presented with the “Tungsten” Longevity Award for their commitment and service to MAP since its inception four years ago. These mentors were honored with a one-of-a-kind, nickel-plated MAP coin. If you happen to pass any of our first-time award winners along the Infinite, be sure to congratulate them or visit their office to sneak a peek at their awards.

MAP mentor award recipientssophomore protégés recognized for their “formal” completion of the MAP program

To culminate the evening, sophomore protégés (pictured above) were recognized for their “formal” completion of the MAP program, but not without MAP Program Coordinator, Antonio Perry, leaving them with the challenge to “stay connected.” He closed with the unveiling MAP’s new motto, “Catalyzing Connections,” and encouraged current and future mentors to “be the catalyst” for students. “My goal is for MAP to become a benchmark mentoring program in higher education and as long as we continue to connect the brightest students with the most dedicated mentors, I believe we can achieve that goal.”

MAP is a volunteer mentoring program seeking to foster the holistic development of students along academic and non-academic dimensions. As a mentor, you will ultimately have the opportunity to become a supporter, connector, champion, and friend. If you are interested in becoming a MAP Mentor, please visit us online or email the Program Coordinator, Antonio Perry, at with any questions.