Financial aid meal allowance set for 2011-2012

Published in MIT News: March 25, 2011

The 2012 tuition, fees and financial aid budget announced by MIT last month includes a modest increase to the meal allowance from $4,350 to $4,500. With this increase, the meal allowance matches the projected price of the full 19-meal plan.

"We recognize that the change in the meal plan design is a significant one for our students. While we are confident that the new approach will offer substantial benefits in terms of nutrition, health and flexibility for those with special diets, we are pleased that the new meal allowance will take into consideration the financial resources to support their participation," said Richard Berlin, director of Dining Services.

The student expense budget used to determine a student's financial aid package is set annually by Student Financial Services (SFS) and includes actual tuition and mandatory fees and allowances toward housing, meals, books, supplies, and personal and travel expenses. The allowances are based on students' historical spending patterns, peer benchmarking and alignment with rules concerning federal student financial assistance.

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