During IAP, OME's Momentum Participants Solve Interdisciplinary Problems

Elsie Otero, Assistant Dean, Office of Minority Education

The Office of Minority Education’s Momentum program is a four week, 6-unit course (16.681) offered during IAP and designed to give first and second year students experience solving an interdisciplinary problem. Past themes have included Engineering Disasters and Developing Cost Efficient Heating Solutions for the Developing world. For the first week of the program students receive lectures and class instruction that will help them address the challenge. Participants are divided into teams of 4-5 students and are charged with developing a prototype of their solution. Teams are provided with a budget, hobby shop memberships, and assistance from course instructors and staff. This year the course will be taught by Rhonda Jordan, PhD candidate in the Engineering Systems Division.

Corporate support is a huge component of the Momentum program. Students submit their resumes to be considered for potential summer internships with sponsor companies. The corporate sponsors provide resources throughout the course including workshops and materials. The program culminates with final presentations where the students showcase their final product to the corporate partners who serve as judges.

Momentum allows participants to get hands on experience early in their MIT career. It’s a great way for students to work collaboratively and work on their presentation skills, in addition to being a great networking opportunity.

  • Applications will become available the second week of October.
  • Early deadline to apply: November 14, 2011
  • IAP course registration: December 1, 2011