DUE 2011 Infinite Mile Award Recipients


On June 13th, the DUE community came together to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of DUE staff members. Each year, staff within DUE nominate their peers for their contributions in Communication and Collaboration, Community Customer Service, Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation and Creativity and Leadership. Congratulations to all the 2011 DUE Infinite Mile Award recipients!

DUE 2011 Infinite Mile Award Ceremony

2011 Infinite Mile Award Recipients

Individual Awards


SFC Adam Cook
Communication & Collaboration

Military Science
Wayne Morgan

Military Science
Elizabeth Hicks

Student Financial Service
Nancy Richmond

Global Education and Career Development
Heather Law
Innovation & Creativity

Global Education & Career Development
Gary Ryan
Communication & Collaboration
Student Financial Services
Sandra Lipnoski
Community & Customer Service
Edgerton Center
Miri Skolnik
Diversity & Inclusion

Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming

Team Awards

The EDIS Project Team
Innovation & Creativity

Admissions Office


The Online Grading Project Team

Registrar's Office