Bookxor Wins iCampus Student Prize Competition

Published on iCampus site on: May 29, 2011

Login screen from BookxorThe MIT Council for Educational Technology (MITCET) and the Office of Educational Technology and Innovation (OEIT) are pleased to announce Bookxor has been selected as the grand prize winner of the 2011 iCampus Student Prize competition. The winners are on their way to the San Francisco Bay Area to use their $7,500 cash prize to help launch a new startup,

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More on the words of the creators

Every day at MIT, students and faculty alike use thousands of documents. Professors share course notes with students, students turn in assignments to professors for feedback, and both prepare articles and papers for publication. However, without collaboration between readers and authors, the documents are not improved, despite their heavy use.

On the class level, many professors currently have high-quality notes, however they are disconnected from the classroom in that students’ course note-reading experience does not directly impact what is discussed in lecture. A professor rarely knows if his students have read the notes or with which sections they may have struggled. Similarly, the professor does not necessarily know which parts of the lecture were confusing.

With Bookxor, we set out to provide professors with analytic and feedback tools to better understand how students learn outside of the classroom, while also providing students with tools for collaboration with each other, and further instructor interaction.

What is the iCampus Student Prize?

The iCampus Technology Innovation Student Prize recognizes the innovative and creative application of technology that improves the educational and student life experiences at MIT. The competition builds upon the entrepreneurism and spirit of service exhibited by MIT students to solve the world’s problems by focusing attention of what might be improved closer to home in MIT’s education and student life.