ARTEMiS: Art for Engineering, Mathematics, and Science

Violeta Ivanova, ARTEMiS Team Leader and Krista Shapton, ARTEMiS Lead Designer, OEIT

DUE's Office of Educational Innovation and Technology is pleased to announce our new initiative in educational visualization: ARTEMiS (short for "ART for Engineering, Mathematics, and Science"). Using principles of visual communication and the tools of modern computer graphics, the ARTEMiS team creates visualizations that enhance teaching and learning in mathematics, science, and engineering. Our work includes 3D and 2D animations, print graphics, and interactive media. We also develop curriculum and provide training for members of the MIT community who wish to learn how to create computer visualizations themselves.

Collage of ARTEMiS Projects

Since its inception in the summer of 2011, the ARTEMiS team has formed collaborations with the MIT Department of Mathematics, the MIT Department of Earth Atmospheric, and Planetary Science, and the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. We also look forward to our upcoming collaboration with the Teaching and Learning Laboratory as well as with other educational content experts who strive to bring professional visualizations to the classroom.

Samples of our current projects, e.g., the Visual Geology Tutor and Math Movies, are available on our website; the animations and films are also posted in our collection on MIT TechTV.

Please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!