2011 iCampus Prize First Round Winners

Published on: icampusprize.mit.edu

The MIT Council for Educational Technology (MITCET) and the Office of Educational Technology and Innovation are pleased to announce the five winners of the first round of the 2011 iCampus Student Prize competition. Each of the winning projects embody the spirit of the competition—they are developing real solutions to enhance life and learning at MIT.

Each winning project received a $1,000 prize, and has been invited to compete for the $10,000 grand prize. Please join us on Friday, April 15 from 4-6pm in the East Dining Room of the Faculty Club (E52) for a poster session and final round presentations.

The 2011 iCampus Student Prize first round winners are:

  • Bookspicker: Bookspicker allows students to search for what textbooks are required for their classes, pick the ones they want and look for the best prices online, the Coop or locally. Team: Sinchan Banerjee ’11, Jonathan Goldberg BS ’09 & MEng ’10, and Rodrigo Ipince ’09.
  • Bookxor: Bookxor closes the feedback loop between students and professors for course notes providing professors analytics and enabling students to study collaboratively. Team: Peter Reinhardt ’12, Erika Bildsten ’12, Ilya Volodarsky ’12, and Calvin French-Owen ’12.
  • CrowdSkimmer: Crowdskimmer helps students “skim” the numerous articles they need to read by providing them keywords and key sentences. Team: Connie Chan ’12.
  • P-set Central: P-set Central helps MIT students find and participate in study groups. Team: Catherine Fan ’14, Victor Hung ’14, Erica Lai ’14, Daniel Meza ’14, and Stephanie Yu ’14.
  • Planner: Planer helps MIT students quickly construct their class schedule. Team: Adin Schmahmann ’13.

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