Use @MITStudents Twitter Feed to Keep Students Informed

By Anna Babbi Klein, DUE Communications Manager

In June, DUE, ODGE and DSL jointly launched the new twitter account @MITstudents.This is part of our continuing joint effort to enable better information sharing with students and to do so via the technologies they are using.

Anyone in DUE can request a tweet on @MITstudents.  I encourage you to consider this new communications vehicle as you plan how to get important announcements, notifications, etc. to students. You can send tweet requests as needed or you can send a list of tweets you need throughout the year with dates. For example, the Registrar's Office provided a list of tweets for key student milestones in the 2010-11 academic year.

Details on requesting a tweet on @MITstudents are available on our website:
[certificate required - available to DUE Staff only].

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DUE, ODGE and DSL communications have joint responsibility for tweets. Here are a few more details:

  • Twitter account of announcements, updates and information related to student life and learning at MIT:
    • Letters, announcements, updates from the senior officers.
    • Updates on Institute committees that are addressing issues or considering changes that directly impact students [ex: Committee on Dining; Athena Study Group].
    • Announcements/reminders of major milestones and events of interest to most students [ex: reminders from Registrar on key deadlines; appointment of new Dean for Graduate Education; Community Spring Break, etc.]
  • Content is of specific interest to students.
  • Not a replacement to email and website communication but an alternative for students who use this technology.Student Life and Learning Twitter logo
  • We will follow MIT Twitter feeds and retweet updates, announcements, and other useful information.
  • All tweets or retweets will not necessarily be of interest to both graduate and undergraduate students.