Terrascope Youth Radio Interns Create Green Audio Tour for Boston Children’s Museum

By Ari Epstein, Terrascope Lecturer, Earth System Initiative

Youth Radio  participants interviewing Children's Museum staff memberCambridge teens working with the Terrascope Youth Radio outreach program have created an audio tour for Boston Children’s Museum, highlighting the green aspects of the museum’s recent renovation. The tour is now the museum’s only official audio tour, available pre-loaded into .mp3 players at the museum’s Information desk, and also available online at: http://bostonchildrensmuseum.org/about/audio_tour.html

To create the tour, the teens interviewed museum staff and experts who had planned and carried out the renovation, and they visited the museum to gather sound in the renovated building. They then wrote and voiced scripts, and did all of the production work necessary to produce the tour segments. Other than the introductory segment, for which the museum wanted the voice of a nationally-recognized expert, the entire tour is completely youth-produced, from start to finish.

A key part of the teens’ experience was working with undergraduate mentors from MIT—all of whom had participated in the Terrascope freshman program—who gave them guidance in audio production and who also helped them to feel comfortable with some of the more technical aspects of the tour’s content. The mentors also benefited greatly from the experience; they report that earning the teens’ trust and respect—which was not always easy—was inspiring, and that the work helped them to develop and strengthen their own teaching and communication skills.

For a small sampling from the audio tour, try the following links: