Terrascope students blog as they visit a zero carbon zero waste city in Abu Dhabi

Terrascope, Office of Experiential Learning

The students in Terrascope Mission 2013 “Carbon Sequestration: Capture and storage of carbon dioxide from Earth’s atmosphere” are visiting Masdar City in Abu Dhabi during spring break.

You can follow the students via their blog at: http://mission2013trip.typepad.com/


Students have been working on ways to deal with the rise in atmospheric CO2. As the student describe it:

Our mission is to propose an integrated global solution to the rapid rise in atmospheric CO2 that will stabilize concentrations at an economically viable and internationally acceptable level. Using carbon capture and sequestration, alternative and renewable energy technologies, international policy, emissions reductions and increased efficiency, we have created a plan that will address the problem in several stages.

In spring they are continuing work on a variety of projects related to what they started in fall. This inlcudes a trip to Abu Dhabi to visit Masdar City which is being designed as a zero carbon zero waste city. Students will hear presentations from engineers and others who are developing Masdar city, and visit the site. They will also learn about material recycling, geothermal, solar, desalinization, etc. The Trip is under the leadership of Professor Sam Bowring. Work in Masdar is of tremendous important to MIT as MIT is developing close collaborative relationships with Abu Dhabi.