Terrascope Radio Students Create Unique Radio Drama

By Ari Epstein, Lecturer, Terrascope

Terracope student spell out "RADIO" in Abu DhabiStudents in this year’s Terrascope Radio class created and broadcast an original program called “The Heated Future: A Timely Tale.” An innovative combination of radio-drama and documentary formats, “The Heated Future” tells the story of three teens who begin their lives in a dystopian future a century or two from now, when human society is suffering under the influence of global warming. They find a mysterious space-time machine, which carries them back in time to present-day Abu Dhabi, where they explore Masdar, a city designed to be completely carbon-neutral and sustainable. Their adventure leads them to wonder whether there is anything they can do now, in the 21st century, to help prevent the catastrophic future they were born into.

In creating this story, Terrascope Radio students used interviews and other audio gathered during an actual field trip to Abu Dhabi and Masdar City, which is currently under construction. The original dramatic story with which they have framed those interviews personalizes what might otherwise seem like abstract issues, and makes it clear why it is important to act now to prevent a climate catastrophe. Be sure to listen to this unique and compelling production.