Student Support Services: Reorganized, Reviewed, and Redefined

By Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education; Published in: MIT Faculty Newsletter, Nov/Dec 2010

In August 2009, Chancellor Phillip Clay and the Chair of the MIT faculty, Professor Tom Kochan, charged the Task Force on Student Support Services (S3) to "to assess and recommend (1) ways to improve the operations of Student Support Services (S3), and (2) how to best position the functions of S3 within the MIT organizational structure to improve coordination among offices, faculty, and other stakeholders that work with S3 in serving students who need academic, social, and mental health support." We have moved ahead on the final recommendations of the Task Force, which were issued in December 2009. Consequently, there has been a reorganization and an intensive strategic planning process which has strengthened S3’s role as a central element of the support services provided to the MIT community.

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