Student Snapshot Introduces Senior Administors to Students

By Connie Scribner, Associate Registrar

Student Snapshot screen shotThe Registrar’s Office in partnership with IS&T’s Education Systems created a new web-based application called the Student Snapshot which was made available to the senior administrative community in March.

The application provides relevant information about individual students, including their photos, that can be accessed quickly and viewed online or printed. Administrators meet frequently with students and having information ahead of time supports their keen interest in engaging with students. 

Features of the application include:

  • A robust search function allowing users to easily find a student by full or partial last name, email address, or MIT ID.
  • Pertinent information that provides a ‘snapshot’ of the student including photograph, major(s), academic advisor, term/home/email addresses, and UROP participation.
  • Online help with roll-over descriptions of majors and degrees and detailed text on the search parameters and use of directory and non-directory student information.
  • Access to information on current and former students.

The response has been positive and enthusiastic. To quote Pam Schickling, ODGE, “I use this application all of the time and it really is a tremendous help!”