New Faces in DUE May-July 2010


Several new staff joined DUE between May 25, 2010 through July 26, 2010



Katherine Kelley, Admissions Counselor


Mario Bollini, Technical Instructor

Experimental Study Group

Dr. Analia Barrantes, Lecturer
Dr. Patricia Christie, Lecturer
David Custer, Lecturer
Dr. Peter Dourmashkin, Associate Director and Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Jeremy Orloff, Lecturer
Graham Ramsay, Program Coordinator
Professor Alex Slocum, Director
Dr. Gabrielle Stoy, Lecturer
Dr. Holly Sweet, Associate Director

Office of Faculty Support

Jason Donath, Staff Associate

Office of Minority Education

Lorena Tovar, Administrative Assistant
Antonio Perry, Program Coordinator

ROTC – Aerospace Studies

Lt. Col.Theodore Weibel, Commander
Eric Smith, Technical Instructor
Daniel Sawicki,Technical Instructor

ROTC – Military Science

Michael Wood, Instructor
Andrew Deforest, Technical Instructor

Student Financial Services

Julie Benz, Director, Financial Aid