MIT Edgerton Center takes on NASA’s Summer of Innovation with 5 summer programs

Published in MIT News: September 3, 2010

If you happened to be wandering through MIT’s Strobe Alley in early August, a clamor of excited scientific discovery would have greeted your ears. These sounds were elicited by a summer program sponsored by NASA’s “Summer of Innovation” and the MIT Edgerton Center. The program, called You GO Girl! aims to retain and increase girls’ interest in science, technology and engineering, hoping to reverse the trends showing girls losing interest around middle school.In girls-only classes taught by Amy Fitzgerald, Edgerton Center Outreach Program Coordinator, and assisted by college student aides, 26 rising 9th graders engage in a week of hands-on activities exploring mechanical engineering, biology, chemistry and electronics.

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You Go Girl students using LEGO cars