Helping Students to Go Abroad and Get Ahead

by Brian Wahl, Assistant Dean, Global Education

Attracting over 200 students, the 2010 Go Global Fair held on September 16 was a tremendous success. Hosted by the Global Education Office, the Go Global Fair is an annual event where MIT's global opportunity programs come together in one place to share information about the wide range of opportunities available to students to go global, including study, intern, public service and research abroad.

Student talks to study abroad providerStudents at Go Global Fair

At this year’s fair, students asked questions and discussed options with MIT representatives from the Global Education Office, International Development Initiative, MISTI, the Public Service Center, and UROP. In addition, students met with representatives from local and foreign universities as well as a number of educational organizations that also provide opportunities abroad, including IAP and summer options.

Increasingly more MIT students are adding a global component to their degree, and these experiences can provide important insights as well as transferable skills that can be used throughout their personal and professional life. For many students, the Go Global Fair helps students not only understand what options are available to them, but it also helps motivate them to take advantage of more than one opportunity, or combine opportunities to make a richer and more meaningful experience abroad.