GECDC Offers Over 30 IAP Programs to Help Participants Investigage, Assess, and Pursue

by Rachel Greenberg, Assistant Director, Career Education and Freshman/Alumni Summer Internship Program (F/ASIP)

The Global Education and Career Development Center (GECDC) will be offering over 30 IAP programs this year. The successful pursuit of a job, internship, advanced degree, or global opportunity begins with:

  • investigating your options
  • assessing your skills and
  • pursuing your goals.

Using this concept as a guide, we developed programs that would fit into at least one of the areas listed above. Sample events include:

  • Exploring Careers in Energy (Investigate)
  • Health Care Reform and the Future of American Medicine (Investigate)
  • See Yourself Overseas! How to prepare for and get the most out of an overseas experience (Investigate and Assess)
  • Finding Your “TOP” Career Fit (Assess)
  • Finding Your Career in Nonprofits (Assess)
  • Meet and Greet with MIT Medical (Pursue)
  • Academic Interviewing Panel (Pursue)

We welcome all of DUE to join us as our events. Click here for a full list of GECDC IAP events.