GECD Introduces a New Logo and Identity


 MIT Global Education & Career Development (GECD) has evolved its logo, name, as associated acronym to better support and reflect the office's vision statement:

We empower MIT students and alumni to achieve lifelong success and to help craft lives that are intellectually challenging,
personally enriching, and of service to the world.

The new logo, the “pathways,” is now the primary identifier:


Also, GECD is now an office rather than a center, specifically the Office of Global Education & Career Development. This was primarily changed to enable the use of the acronym GECD and also to align the name with other offices within DUE. The office is using versions of the logo in different colors and with different name extensions to represent the three areas, including:

  • GECD-Career Services
  • GECD-Global Education
  • GECD-Prehealth Advising.

This new look will be phased in on all materials over the next year. If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Parker, Executive Director, GECD, at