The Enrollment Increase

By Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

By now you will have heard that MIT will be increasing the size of its undergraduate class by 6% (approx 250 more students). We can do this thanks to the generosity of Dr. Maseeh, an MIT alum. He is convinced that the world needs more MIT trained people and his donation will help increase enrollment. I can tell you that wherever I go, I see the need for people who can think critically and analytically to help address some of the pressing problems that face the country and world. In DUE, we support and enhance learning both inside and outside the classroom. We all play a role in contributing to the holistic education that prepares our students as global innovators. We (you) have done a great job and it is recognized.

As this increase is phased in over the next three years, we will experience an increase in demand for the multitude of student services we provide. I can also assure you that, as part of the planning process for the enrollment increase, we will get increased resources to help us with this work. The office heads and I will keep you up-to-date as we consider the impact of the larger undergraduate class and what resources are needed to ensure continuity and excellence.