UAAP Announces Outstanding Advisor/Mentor Awards

By Leslie Bottari, Staff Associate, Freshman and Undergraduate Advising, UAAP

Since 2001, the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming has recognized outstanding freshman advisors and associate advisors. In 2004, we also began to recognize the efforts of our outstanding UROP mentors. These “Outstanding Awards” represent a unique opportunity for students, staff, and advisors to nominate individuals whom they believe have demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to freshmen advising and undergraduate research.

This year, we received an extraordinary nomination pool, and are thrilled to honor the following members of the MIT community:

Outstanding Freshman Advisors

Tony Eng: Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Nominators observed that, “Tony really finds a way to forge a strong relationship with his advisees.” “He was a huge part of why enjoyed my first year so much. I have to thank him for helping me take advantage of so many wonderful opportunities.”

Prof. Stephen C. Graves: Abraham J. Siegel Professor of Management Science, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems

His advisee expressed, “I fell in love with the subject through the problems we did in class    and in the group project that he assigned us. His seminar is the reason I declared Course    15.”

Outstanding Faculty UROP Mentor

Prof. Linda T. Elkins-Tanton: Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences

According to one of Prof. Elks-Tanton’s UROP students, she has “an unwavering        commitment to include her undergraduates in all aspects of her research group” that her “investment in my academic development has been far above and beyond the norm for MIT professors and mentors Institute-wide.”

Outstanding Associate Advisors

Kyle Atmore: Class of 2010, Biological Engineering major

His advisor wrote that, “I have been advising for almost eighteen years, and I think it is not an exaggeration to say that Kyle is the most wonderful associate advisor I have ever had.”

Kesavan Yogeswaran: Class of 2011, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science major

A nominator reported that, “Kes is extremely responsive, gives freely of his time, is accessible and takes on responsibility.”

Outstanding Post-Doc/Graduate UROP Mentor

Conor James Walsh: graduate student, Mechanical Engineering

According to one nominator, “The quality of his mentorship, supervision and support to be stellar. Conor is extremely committed to undergraduate research at MIT.”

Another reported that thanks to Conor’s mentorship, “I learned not only to conduct research, but also how to communicate with other researchers effectively...I am glad I have Conor as my mentor because I feel I have always been a research collaborator, not a student when I work with him.”