Treating Each Other with Respect, Concern and Care

By Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

Dean Daniel HastingsThese are stressful times in the country and at MIT. We are all suffering from the impact of the recession even as we slowly recover. As the country tries to change, we have seen pictures of town hall meetings where many angry sentiments are expressed and people are not treated with respect. At MIT, our policies and procedures guide us to act with respect towards each other as we face hard decisions driven by our reduced budgets. In addition to this guidance, there is a well understood MIT culture of respect, care and concern for each individual who works here.

Within DUE, I want to emphasize this. We must treat each person with the respect they deserve and we must all help each other to pull together as part of the DUE team. As we head into harder times in the next few years, we want to continue to work hard, deliver on our mission and also make DUE a place where we want to be and others want to come. This will flow from the respect, concern and care we continue to show each other.