OEIT Reaches Out to the NERCOMP Community

By Amitava ‘Babi’ Mitra, Associate Director, OEIT

NERCOMP is a vibrant community of over 240 institutions (http://www.nercomp.org) drawn from educational technology, IT, academic computing and the libraries. This community spans every type of higher ed institution, and geographic proximity lowers the barriers to sharing and collaboration, an approach that is becoming increasingly important given the fiscal crisis that higher ed is facing. Part of OEIT’s outreach goals include helping develop communities of practice that can extend our work and through which we can learn and get inputs from other institutions.

OEIT is becoming well-positioned to move in this strategic direction with NERCOMP. We had a major presence at the annual 2009 NERCOMP Conference held at Providence in March:

  • Justin Riley’s co-presentation with the CTO of Northeastern University and the CIO of Wheelock College titled ”Cloud Computing: Possibilities and Practice” was the third most popular track.
  • The presentation by Molly Ruggles titled “The Mapping Controversies Web Directory: Harnessing Students’ Collective Intelligence” was well received.
  • Molly Ruggles and Babi Mitra participated in the Conference Program Committee, and Babi Mitra was invited to join the NERCOMP Board of Trustees for another year.
  • Earlier in January, Peter Wilkins and Ann Whiteside of Rotch Library joined colleagues from Smith College and Tufts University to present a day-long NERCOMP SIG workshop titled, “Images: Content Management, Teaching, and Learning”: this was attended by 55 educational technologists from 31 NERCOMP institutions and received very good feedback.

MIT will be conducting three SIGs next year, in collaboration with colleagues from MIT and other institutions: “Course Evaluation” by Mary Enterline, Babi Mitra and Rosanne Santucci, “Copyright and IP for Image Use” by Peter Wilkins and Ann Whiteside, and, “Education and the Cloud”, by Justin Riley.