NROTC Hosts Beaver Cup Regatta

By LT Charles A. Shehadi, Technical Instructor, Aviation Officer, Naval Science

Sailboat on the Charles RiverMIT Naval ROTC midshipmen hosted the annual Beaver Cup Regatta April 4th on a windy afternoon at the Wood Sail Pavilion. The Beaver Cup Regatta brought together one-hundred sailors from ten different schools in order to foster camaraderie and sharpen seamanship skills.

 In addition to MIT’s intrepid sailors, students from NROTC programs at Boston University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Villanova, Holy Cross, Cornell, Norwich, Ohio State, Hampton Roads, and the University of Pennsylvania participated and performed well in uncooperative weather. At the end of the day, the MIT team placed third overall. The success of the event was due to the outstanding efforts of Midshipman 2/c Kevin Plumer (MIT ’10) who planned the event, and could not have been done at all were it not for the outstanding support provided by the Sail Pavilion Staff.