NHPR to Broadcast Special On Teens and the Environment Produced by Terrascope Youth Radio

By Ari Epstein, Lecturer, Terrascope

Terrascope Youth Radio studentsTeen summer interns, working with Terrascope Youth Radio, an NSF-funded collaboration between the MIT Terrascope program and the City of Cambridge Youth Programs, have just finished putting together the first-ever youth-produced hour-long radio special about teens and the environment. The special has been accepted for broadcast and distribution by New Hampshire Public Radio.

The special is called “Fresh Greens: Teens and the Environment,” and it will be broadcast on NHPR (and streamed on nhpr.org) twice: Friday, September 4, at noon, and Saturday, September 5, at 4:00 PM. In addition, for the week preceding the broadcast, NHPR will be promoting the special and playing excerpts on its mid-day show, Word of Mouth. NHPR is also uploading the special to the Public Radio Exchange (prx.org), for licensing by other public-radio stations nationwide.

To create the special, Terrascope Youth Radio worked with PRX, NHPR and independent producer Kelly Horan to develop and distribute a call for submissions from youth-radio programs nationwide. The teens then worked with Kelly to select pieces for the special and decide how those submissions should be edited. Two of the teens served as hosts, working with a script that they created with Kelly. The entire team of interns edited submissions, helped choose music, and laid up and mixed the entire program.

A number of MIT students, alumni of the Terrascope freshman learning community, have been working all summer as mentors to the teen interns. The experience has been a rewarding one all around. The MIT students gained teaching experience in an intense, hands-on, project-driven environment. The teens had mentors, close to their own age, with whom they could connect and from whom they could learn technical skills and judgment.