The Next Generation Student System (NGS3) Update

By Mary Callahan, Registrar and JoAnne Stevenson, Sr. Business Lead, IS&T

The NGS3 program is moving forward with work to support the goal of creating an effective, sustainable, and user-centric means of delivering student services to faculty, students, and staff. As a follow-up to last year’s Student System VISION Study, the NGS3 program is in its planning and strategy phase, which involves a number of planning projects. Although the pace of our work has been impacted by budget constraints, the program continues to be supported by the Institute.

The current NGS3 projects include:

  • Determining the scope of the student system
  • Exploring and collecting business requirements on core processes originally identified in the VISION Study
  • Assessing the viability of the Kuali Student community source student system project as an option for MIT
  • Experimenting with technology solutions to determine their appropriateness for MIT
  • Analyzing and documenting the current student system to determine how best to migrate from this current system to a future system

Many of the DUE staff contributed to the Student System VISION Study workshops, where we envisioned new and modified business processes to support future student services. As a next step, the NGS3 Scoping project will look at the definition and requirements of these processes to determine their feasibility as well as priority within the larger NGS3 program and to validate the scope of the NGS3 program.

The objectives of the Scoping project are to:

  • Identify existing, new, and enhanced processes and functionality proposed for the student system as part of the VISION Study
  • Document a case for new and enhanced processes for sponsor review, approval, and prioritization—the case includes the process, stakeholders, benefits, effort, and risk
  • Ensure that the functional scope of the NGS3 project covers what we have today in SIS
  • Identify MITSIS functionality that can be eliminated as a result of changes in business practices or technology

Details regarding the NGS3 program work can be found on the NGS3 Web site at: