Need Your Help in Highlighting Education News to News Office

By Anna Babbi Klein, Communications Manager, DUE

As you know, the MIT News Office manages the news published via several MIT news outlets and is responsible for handling media inquires. In a recent meeting with the News Office, Dan Hastings noted that DUE would like to see more of a focus on education in the news. Towards this end, we agreed to provide the News Office with 2-4 very short blurbs each month that highlight what MIT is doing to enhance undergraduate education or highlight student and faculty experiences.

I would appreciate your help in gathering these stories. These can be about students, professors, TAs, subjects, programs, initiatives, events, etc. Specifically, we need VERY SHORT summaries that include a title and one to two sentences describing the news item including contacts and links. The News Office will draw from these stories when responding to media inquires or may pursue an article in one of the MIT news vehicles. I also hope to draw from these for our DUE Spotlight on the future DUE homepage.

You can send me highlights anytime. Also, if you don’t have time to develop the highlight, send me something you have already developed from which I can write a summary. This can include DUE Newslettter articles. THANKS!