MIT Joins Smith College and Tufts University to Present a Workshop on Image Use in Education

By Peter Wilkins, Technical Project Manager, OEIT

ACCORD members joined colleagues from Smith College and Tufts University to present a day-long workshop titled, Images: Content Management, Teaching, and Learning this past January 23rd. The workshop was sponsored by NERCOMP, the Northeast Regional Computing Program, an affiliate of Educause, and was attended by 55 educational technologists from 31 NERCOMP institutions.

The workshop arose from the work of ACCORD’s Image Tools sub-group. The group, led by Ann Whiteside of Rotch Library and Peter Wilkins of OEIT, focuses on connecting image management service providers with faculty who seek to enhance their teaching and research. The current membership of the Image Tools sub-group includes representatives from the Libraries, IS&T, OEIT, and OCW.

The NERCOMP workshop drew on use cases created by the ACCORD Image Tool group to explore common needs among image tool users on campus. The members’ interactions acknowledged that each practitioner represented a unique problem statement, and a solution that comprised studied compromises. The tacit understanding was that no single solution could meet the variety of requirements represented. Members of the Image Tools sub-group recognized that this collaborative approach would form a useful kernel for a cross-institutional workshop based on the premise that attendees represented diverse expertise and experience.

The subject of the workshop was six real-life use cases that explored the three topic areas of the title: image content, image management, and teaching and learning. Issues regarding content included intellectual property and rights management, metadata creation, metadata standards, digitization workflows, and choosing image file formats. Image management addresses the various products, commercial and open source, that store and serve image content. Teaching and learning was about how digital images are used in education and ways that dedicated applications can provide a dynamic and interactive educational experience.

The ACCORD Image Tool sub-group is exploring the possibility of conducting a similar workshop at MIT for our own community.