IAP 2009 – Something for Everyone

By Amy Clark, Receptionist and IAP Event Coordinator, DUE

From traditional to innovative, repeat offerings to firsttimers, the ridiculous to the sublime – IAP 2009 ran the gamut, offering something for everyone. Thirty-three academic departments, seven labs, seventeen centers, fifty-five student groups, thirty-six administrative departments, fourteen other MIT groups and ten individuals offered classes and/or activities. People from DUE participated in IAP in many ways – organizing, teaching, taking courses and enjoying events.

Leadership: MIT Army ROTC and the Sloan LFM program partnered to teach “Management and Leadership.” The 4-day event focused on the unique principles of ethical leadership taught by and used throughout the U.S. military, and culminated in a hands-on leadership practicum at the indoor track in the Johnson Athletic Center. Marsh Carter, Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and Vice Chairman of NYSE-Euronext, spoke about how he used his military leadership experience to achieve civilian success.

Energy and Sustainability: Jessica Garrett, Instructor in the Edgerton Center, was excited to attend the “Walk the Talk Rally and Sustainability in Action Workshop” put on by MITEI during Energy Futures Week. It inspired her and her colleagues to make The Edgerton Center a greener workplace. At the same time, the topic at the International Development Initiative lunchtime mixer was “Small-Scale Energy Storage Solutions.”

Finances: Student Financial Services held a session entitled “Financial Aid 101,” which was particularly topical given the current economic climate. Daniel Barkowitz, Director of Student Financial Aid and Employment in SFS, reviewed the financial aid process and looked at how the Federal government, MIT and other colleges determine the amounts parents are expected to contribute.

Career Development and Networking: Twenty-seven freshmen attended the first ever “Internship Bootcamp: A Brief Introduction to the Internship Search Process for Freshmen” hosted by the Freshman/Alumni Summer Internship Program. Non-F/ASIP freshmen were introduced to the internship search process, created their own internship search plan and heard from a panel of upper-class students about their internship search experiences. UAAP, hosted the “Class of 2012 Alumni Connection Luncheon” where thirty undergraduates met members of the classes of ‘59 and 79’. The alums talked about how their experiences at MIT prepared them for the professional challenges they faced during their careers.

Teaching and Learning: Lourdes Aleman, Postdoctoral Associate in Curriculum Development and Teaching with OEIT, was a participant in the “Teaching Certificate Program” offered by TLL. She says it was “truly amazing and very inspirational. It has made me think about how I teach and it is going to be extremely valuable in the work I currently do and when I teach next year.” 

Babi Mitra and Rosanne Santucci co-taught “Evaluation Etiquette: How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Professors” during Charm School. Charm School has been an MIT tradition since 1993 and every year it expands due to increased popularity. Faculty are both instructors and participants which creates great opportunity for students and faculty to interact outside the classroom.

The Global Education Office presented several IAP events, two of which were “Academics Abroad” and a “Study Abroad Information Session.” These interactive programs provided a great resource to students considering going global.

Literature and Poetry: Stephen Pepper, Staff Associate for the Committee on Academic Performance in UAAP, has been attending the “Pleasures of Poetry” IAP activity since 2000. Lovers of poetry take turns sharing two or three works from a favorite poet by reading aloud and discussing the poems.  Faculty, staff, alumni, and students meet on an equal footing around the table.

Several people from DUE attended the “Mobile Milton Marathon” organized by Diana Henderson, Dean of Curriculum and Faculty Support. Senior Associate Dean Elizabeth Reed had a joyful IAP experience at this event which is a 12 hour/10,000 line, participatory reading of Paradise Lost. She found it a lively and engaging way to experience great literature in the MIT tradition of hands-on, active learning.